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This website was born on August 25th, 1998 in order to promote our destination with valuable, detailed and reliable information on a broad base, achieving over 260 awards in its first three years of operation for the amount of information provided, its design, its layout, etc.

In August 2012 we conducted a full website update implementing new graphics, new photos of higher quality and resolution, a fresh and modern look, and an easier and more intuitive navigation.

We have managed to stay for more than 15 years at the top positions of prestigious search engines such as: GOOGLE.COM.MX®, GOOGLE.COM®, MX.YAHOO.COM®, YAHOO.COM®, AOLSEARCH.COM®, BING.COM®, GIGABLAST®, WEBCRAWLER.COM® etc. We continue to strive to offer a free information service with quality and reliability to help in keeping Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo in the "top of mind" of the world tourists. (Keywords: ixtapa zihuatanejo, ixtapa-zihuatanejo, ixtapa, zihuatanejo)

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Visits Chart


MAY 2018


 Position and Page (Theme)


1.-  Transportation to Town Spanish
2.-  Our beaches Spanish
3.-  Live Webcams Spanish
4.-  Live Webcams English
5.-  Local Transportation Spanish
6.-  General Information Spanish
7.-  Ecology and Wildlife Spanish
8.-  Tours on your own and with Operators Spanish
9.-  Activities and Relaxation Spanish
10.-  News and Events (Local) English


 Concept (on averages we do not include decimals)  
  Longest visit of the month 12 min.
  Average visits per day 228
  Average page views per visitor 9
  Highest visited day of the month Wed. 6th
  Most visitors "online" at the same time 21


 Month In Spanish In English Total Visitors
  June 2018 4917 1923 6840
  May 2018 5674 1250 6926
  April 2018 5761 2843 8504


 Highest Visited... Date Total Visitors
  Month January 2005 45651
  Year 2006 368483

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