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Breakfasts & Lunches

In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo you will have a choice of more than 200 restaurants offering a great variety of gastronomic specialties, ambiences, locations and prices.


From typical and inexpensive breakfasts and lunches to the very sophisticated, romantic and unforgettable candlelight dinners with an awesome view to the bay.

We are sure that you will find many spots just right for your taste and likening.

For the budget minded, you can take advantage of breakfasts from US$2.50 and lunches from US$3.50 and up in Zihuatanejo. They are usually advertised as MENU TURISTICO (Tourist Menu) or MENU DEL DIA (Today's Menu)

Many seashore restaurants with a variety of dishes and great snacks are located in Zihuatanejo bay, ready for you to have a quick bite or a relaxing full meal along with your favorite drink.

In Ixtapa most restaurants are located in the shopping centers areas or in hotels along the beach.

Enjoying a drink


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If you'll like to eat where many of the locals do, try the Mercado Municipal (farmer's market) Loncherias or Fondas (eateries) or the Comida Corrida (set menu) restaurants that we have in Zihuatanejo.

Be aware that these type of restaurants (eateries) will serve you a very Mexican dish and usually spicy-hot, but also very cheap.

Yoli Soft Drink

Do you like to have a soft drink with your lunch? If so try YOLI, a lemon flavored soft drink typical of our region with more than 60 years history. It is sold only in our State and it's very popular with the locals and tourists. (This suggestion is not a paid advertisement, we do it because of its popularity and identification with our state)

Evenings & Dinners



After a gorgeous sunset, just like a post card picture, enjoy a well-deserved drink cocktail on one of our charming bars and then a gastronomically treat in any one of the cozy and romantic local restaurants.
Some specialties of the region are... Fish or Shrimp Tacos, Fish Tacos Pastor Style, Ceviche Cocktail, Fish a la Talla and the famous Zihuatanejo Tiritas that are very thing fish strips marinated in lemon-lime juice mixed with red onions and some sliced green hot peppers, you should try them as an entree or appetizer... you can put the peppers aside.


Seafood plate

Other favorites are... Lobster, delicious Zihuatanejo Red Clams, Oysters (all in season), Octopus, plate-size Red Snappers and the Seafood Plate Special offered in some restaurants as a specialty of the house, normally for a minimum of two persons and usually has a little bit of everything... except the kitchen sink!, Two types of fishes, shrimp, crayfish, crab, octopus and rice. Amount and type of ingredients may vary from restaurant to restaurant so it's wise to ask before you order it.

Many other exotic and very fresh dishes awaits to please your eyes and taste for sure. Mmmmhhhh!!!  yum-yumi...

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Tipping in restaurants is suggested to be 10% to 15% of the total bill depending of the service rendered but first check if it is not already included, look for the word SERVICIO or PROPINA in your bill. If the restaurant has the policy to include the service (tip) on the bill it should be stated in the menu so you'll know in advance.

In the more than 200 restaurants that our resort has, you will find a great variety of seafood places. Also with specialties of Mexican and Guerrero's typical plates such as Pozole, Continental dishes, French cuisine, Italian pastas, exotic Japanese and Chinese meals, tender juicy Steaks or charcoal broiled Chicken and even of home-made style pizzas, super hot-dogs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers with fries and the famous "Tortas" (sandwiches) with that very special and delicious Mexican flavor.

Enjoying a dinner

The most typical drink of our region is Coconut water that can be mixed with hard liquor and make it into a delicious tropical cocktail. If you like coconuts and want to savor an exotic and different dish, ask for Camarones al Coco (Shrimp a  la Coconut). Some restaurants prepare them with a combination of coconut and mango sauce.

If you plan to have a nice dinner we suggest a tasty Mexican wine in its different types of Reds, Roses, Whites or Sparkling. In class restaurants, the "sommelier" will suggest the best wine for your dish if you wish. Good Mexican wines range from reasonable to very expensive.


Dinners from US$10.00 to US$???, depending of restaurant type, location, specialty, etc. Most good dinners from US$12.00 in Zihuatanejo and from US$18.00 and up in Ixtapa (per person not including alcoholic drinks). Prices above are for formal restaurants and we excluded fast food and typical Mexican "antojitos" (tacos) places because there are usually cheaper.

Many restaurants have more than one type of cuisine, so their menus can be very broad in tastes... Seafood, Beef, Pork, Poultry, Pasta, etc.

In Mexico you need to request your check. It is considered inappropriate for a waiter to present the bill if it has not been asked for.

All prices in menus should have the 16% I.V.A. (Value Added Tax) included.

As seen on the kitchen counter of a restaurant-disco in Ixtapa...

If you'll like to find out more about Mexican Cuisine, we suggest a visit to a very good website named La Cocina Mexicana (The Mexican Cuisine) with history about our foods, lots of recipes, etc. Information and recipes in English. (Courtesy: University of Guadalajara, new window will open)


RESTAURANTE TEOSINTLE. Paseo de Zihuatanejo Ote #sn, Col. El Hujal, Zihuatanejo. 554-3712. The best "pozole" in the state on Thursdays and Saturdays. Home style breakfasts and lunches every day. facebook.com/pages/Restaurante-Teosintle...

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