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Documents required

Depending on your nationality, you may be required to have a "Visa" to be able to visit Mexico. The visa can be obtained through any Mexican Consulate upon presentation of required documentation (usually your valid passport, proof of financial solvency and purpose of your trip), and payment of a fee for its issue.

Citizens from countries that don't require a visa MUST GET A TOURIST CARD also known as FMT form to be able to enter Mexico. These cards can be obtained at Mexican Consulates and you should only be required to present your valid Passport as proof of citizenship. Tourist Cards are FREE OF CHARGE.

According to the most recent information we have available, citizens of the following countries, territories and protectorates DO NOT REQUIRE A VISA but please check with the nearest Mexican Consulate to be sure...

American Samoa Cyprus Japan Peru
Andorra Czech Republic Latvia Pitcairn Islands
Anguilla Denmark Liechtenstein Poland
Argentina Estonia Lithuania Portugal
Aruba Falkland Islands Luxembourg Puerto Rico
Australia Faroe Islands Macao Reunion Islands
Austria Finland Mahore Island Romania
Azores Islands France Malaysia San Marino
Bahamas French Guiana Malta Santa Helena
Barbados French Polynesia Marianas Islands Singapore
Belgium Germany Marshall Islands Slovakia
Belize Gibraltar Martinique Slovenia
Bermuda Great Britain Micronesia South Korea
Brazil Greece Monaco Spain
British Virgin Is. Greenland Montserrat Sweden
Bulgaria Guadalupe Nether. Antilles Switzerland
Canada Guam New Caledonia Tokelau
Cayman Islands Holland New Zealand Trinidad Tobago
Chile Hong Kong Niue Islands Turks & Caicos
Christmas Islands Hungary Norfolk Islands US Virgin Islands
Cocos Islands Iceland Norway United States
Colombia Ireland Oman Uruguay
Cook Islands Israel Palau Venezuela
Costa Rica Italy Panama Wallis & Futura
Croatia Jamaica Paraguay  


FOR CITIZENS OF UNITED STATES AND CANADA ONLY: Due to new Security Policies, all persons coming to Mexico must have a valid passport. It is not longer acceptable an alternate proof of nationality, such as your Birth Certificate, an Official Document stating your citizenship or a Nationality Affidavit from a Public Notary.
If you have a valid Passport, you can obtain your "Tourist Card" directly from the Airline or Charter Company you will be using for transportation to Mexico or in the Immigrations Office at the border if your entrance is by land. For private sailboats and yachts, you can get it upon arrival at the first port-of-call in Mexico.

For other types of immigration status such as Residency, Business, Investment, Retirement, Student, etc., check with the nearest Consulate of Mexico for requirement details.

For private yachts, sailboats, etc. If Zihuatanejo is your first port-of-call in Mexico, it is necessary for the crew to disembark with required documents and go to the Immigration Offices for clearance. If you need orientation or assistance, the Capitania de Puertos (Harbor Authority) will help you.

Passengers of Pleasure Cruises with a stop-over in Zihuatanejo that will disembark in our port for a visit, only require to be included in the disembarkation list that the cruiser's personnel will present to our immigrations authorities. Passengers do not need to do any immigrations paperwork on land. Check with cruiser's personnel for additional information or if you have any doubts.

All foreigners to be able to work in Mexico will require a "Working Permit" (FM3 or FM2). A "Tourist Card" or "Visa" does not allow you to work or be remunerated and you could be subject to deportation if you do so. For students, you will require a FM3 permit that will allow to study in Mexico but not to work. Check with a Mexican Consulate for further details.

We list some Consulate of Mexico sites in Internet in case you need to contact them for additional information or help. (New window will open)

United States (Los Angeles) Canada (Toronto)
United States (Dallas) Canada (Montreal)
United States (New York) United Kingdom (London)
Canada (Vancouver) Spain (Barcelona)

Manual of Tourist Entry (pdf file)

For full listing of Embassies of Mexico in the world click here and for Consulates click here includes their websites. Information in Spanish only. (Courtesy Sria. de Relaciones Exteriores, new window will open)

For listing of Embassies of other countries in Mexico click here Information in Spanish only. (Courtesy Sria. de Relaciones Exteriores, new window will open)

In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

USA Consular Agency  553-2100
Consulate of Germany  554-3423


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