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Palma Real Golf Club

Palma Real
Designer by Robert Trent-Jones Jr.
Opened in 1977
Blvd. Ixtapa, Ixtapa / Tel. 553-1163

It was built where a grove of palms was. In its design, they maintained the land natural lagoons and lush tropical vegetation and put one of the holes next to the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Sierra Madre del Sur brings a unique and majestic mountain background.



Local Rules:

  Play will be under the U.S.G.A. rules as adopted by the F.M.G (Mexican Golf Federation)  
  Out of bounds: Fences or white stakes marks limits  
  Water hazards: Marked by yellow stakes  
  Lateral water hazards: Marked by red stakes  
  Obstructions: Part of the irrigation system, garbage cans, benches, rest huts, roads, gardens and tractor tracks  
  Ground under repair; Marked by white lines or stakes  

Par, Handicap & Cahmpionship

HOLE #4: Requires a precision shot from tee since it is flanked by water and sand traps and if you shoot too long it will fall in the lake. HOLE #5 and #6: Requires a straight shot from tee since it is flanked by water in one side and trees on the other. HOLE #15: Requires a shot from tee above 200 yards to avoid falling in the lake in front of it. HOLE #16: Requires a few precision shot since water and sand traps flank the green.

Green Fees and others:

  18 Holes...
High Season: US$120.00 (Nov. 1st. to May 14th.)
Low Season: US$120.00 (May 15th. to Oct. 31st.)
  9 Holes Special...
  Twilight Special (After 3:00p.m.)...
  Listed fees for "All Inclusive"  
  Open every day from 7:00a.m
Last tee-off at 5:00p.m. in Summer and 4:00p.m. in Winter
  Caddy available  
  Special rates for replay and packages with discount  

Rates could change without our knowledge
We suggest to contact the club by e-mail to verify fees



Please, do not try to get golf balls dropped in surrounding lakes and ponds because alligators live there and they usually stay underwater so they are hard to see.


If one comes out of a lake, STAY AWAY!!!  If you don't bother them, they won't bother you, well... at least most of the time. Also, if your ball lands near one, request help from the golf course personnel, do not get to close to them to retrieve it by yourself. They usually are not aggressive because they are accustom to people but they are wild animals, consequently they behavior could be unpredictable. 


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Course layout Course layout
Palma Real Marina Ixtapa

Recommendations. Please...

  Keep carts on paths around all tees and greens  
  Avoid wet and sensitive growth areas  
  Replace divots and rake sand traps  
  Allow faster groups to play through  

Marina Ixtapa Golf Club

Marina Ixtapa
Designer by Robert Von Hagge
Opened in 1994
Marina Ixtapa, Ixtapa / Tel. 553-1410

It was designed with undulated channels, twelve bridges and evocative dune topography. The land covers 136 acres, with extensive sand traps, small ponds that shelter 14 of the 18 holes which makes it a real challenge.



Local Rules:

  All players must register at the Golf Shop  
  U.S.G.A. rules govern all play as adopted by the F.M.G., except where local rules apply  
  Out of bounds: In #1, #3, #4. #5, #6, #8 and #12 to #18 is defined by white stakes  
  Water hazards:  All shall be played as lateral hazards except for Hole #17, this hazard shall be treated as water hazard  

Par, Handicap & Championship

HOLE #1: Maybe this is your best chance for a birdie. HOLE #4: Requires a precision tee-off shot; water in one side and obstructions in the other. HOLE #9: Difficult; water and sand traps along the way; to reach green you will have to shoot across a wide lake. HOLE #12: One of the longest; the green is uphill and surrounded by water and sand traps. HOLE #16: Difficult hole; water in one side from beginning to end. HOLE #17: Another of the difficult final three holes; green is completely surrounded by water, traps and obstacles. HOLE #18: Maybe the hardest; it is locally known as "The Devil's hole"; water, traps, obstacles and a narrow green full of problems; it is a challenge just to get a par on this one.

Green Fees and others:

  18 Holes...
High Season: US$100.00 (Dec. 1st. to Apr. 30th.)
Low Season: US$80.00 (May 1st. to Nov. 30th.)
  Special 9 Holes...
High Season: US$75.00
Low Season: US$55.00
  Twilight Special (After 2:30p.m.)...
High Season: (Information not available)
Low Season: (Information not available)
  Listed fees include electric cart  
  Open every day from 7:00a.m
Last tee-off at 4:00p.m. year around
  Caddy available  
  Discounts of up to 20% per player during certain seasons  

Rates could change without our knowledge
We suggest to contact the club by e-mail to verify fees



Same advise as for the other golf course in regard to lakes and ponds, alligators live there. But don't you worry too much... we haven't lost a golfer yet!




A little more information...

  Both clubs have a limited stock of golf equipment for rent at approx. US$30.00 per player  
  In certain times of the year they may offer "Packages" of 3, 4 and 6 days of golfing at very attractive fees. Special rates for groups of 10 golfers or more are offered year around  
  Usually they do not accept reservations in advance, first come, first served, unless it is a group or package, but please call them if you want to be sure  

If you'll like to find out about the packages, discounts or specials that the golf clubs may be offering, we suggest to contact them directly at their e-mails or by phone.


Club de Golf Palma Real has four Tennis courts and two Paddle courts for day and night games. From US$10.00 and up per hour depending on season and time of day. The higher rates apply in evenings and night because the use of lights.

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Some hotels rent their courts for public use even thou you may not be a guest there. You'll have to inquire. Rates from US$20.00 and up per hour. They usually require a previous reservation.

For upcoming golf or tennis tournaments check "News & Events" in menu.

In 2011 and in January 2013 we had the first and second editions of the "International Tennis Futures" tournaments with participation of many young players with great possibilities to became future stars.

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