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Ixtapa - Bungalows, Suites & Villas

This part of our destination has approximately five thousand lodging rooms distributed in hotels, suites, bungalows and villas for you to choose from. We are sure that in our beautiful resort you'll find the right hotel to your taste and budget.

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Listing in alphabetical order. Five stars hotels and above (C.E. & G.T.) are shown with "five stars".
Paseo de las Golondrinas #37, Ixtapa, 553-2350
Paseo de las Golondrinas #s/n, Ixtapa. 553-2077
Paseo del Rincon #1, Ixtapa. 553-2139
Colina de las Palomas #325, Ixtapa, 553-0610
Four villas with kitchenette. Pool. The comfort of a
small hotel with the exclusiveness of a private village.

Taxes in rooms rentals (Hotels, Bungalows, Villas, etc.) is 19% of which 16% is for I.V.A. (Value Added Tax) and 3% for I.P.S.H. (Room Tax). Published rates should have all taxes included unless specifically stated. e.g. NO INCLUYE IMPUESTOS or IMPUESTOS NO INCLUIDOS (No Taxes Included) or MAS IMPUESTOS (Plus Taxes)

We suggest making reservations directly with hotels, through booking channels in internet (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) or with your travel agent. AVOID... a) Lodging street vendors because they work on a commission and you could be paying a higher rate than the hotel may offer you directly; b) The so called "tourist information" or "hotels & lodging offers" stands on the side of highways to prevent being misinformed or in some cases, ripped-off with a fake reservation; c) Internet sites that simulate to be an agency and offers big discounts on lodging but only list their emails in public domains (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, gmx, etc.), cellular phones and not landline, etc. In the latter case, investigate before making any deposit because unfortunately many people are scammed with this type of fraud. P.S. they even offer to send or they will send you a copy of a proof of address (electricity, water, etc.) and a copy of an official identification which obviously they have altered and therefore are false.

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