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Active Night-Life

At nightfall music and merriment invades the friendly atmosphere of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, where you can find a fun and tasty Fiesta Mexicana, live music at one of our many charming Restaurant and Bars or dancing in our Discotheques, full of colors, lights and happiness.

Ixtapa has discotheques around the boulevard area with music and atmosphere for all tastes and flavors. The most popular are Christine Club Ixtapa, nice ambience and music is a mixture of English and Latin, SF Shakers with a very live atmosphere for all ages and Pecados for the young crowds.

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You have to be at least 18 years old to drink alcoholic beverages in discos, bars and restaurants or to buy them at shops. They may request to see your I.D.

Zihuatanejo has two discotheques in the downtown area called Temptations Disco Club where they play all kind of music and Rumba Caliente where the music is mostly "latin salsa"

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Cover charges vary according to season and location, from US$5.00 to US$25.00. In certain times of the year they offer "free cover", "2 for the price of 1" or "ladies free" in specific days of the week, usually announced at the entrance.

As seen on a discotheque in Ixtapa...


Some discotheques in Ixtapa may not allow entrance to persons wearing tennis shoes or shorts during certain seasons.

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Night view

Relaxing Night-Life

Photo If you will like to relax or have a romantic time with your spouse or a love one, just sit on the sand on one of our beaches or in a cozy bar, hand by hand while a trio plays your favorite Latin songs. Romance at its best and maybe...

Another baby made in

It's wise to agree on price per song before requesting them to musicians.


Another way to enjoy a relaxing night, is to have a drink at one of our many cozy restaurants and bars overlooking Zihuatanejo's bay or El Palmar beach in Ixtapa while having an enjoyable and refreshing conversation with your old friends or with the new ones that you just made in our towns.


Because our atmosphere is so relaxing and friendly, people tends to make new acquaintances very fast, either with local folks, with other tourist from many different places or surely... with both.

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If you are a die-hard fisherman, here you will find plenty of people that wants to talk about theirs and yours last catch, and for sure, of that "big one" that just got away. And maybe... you'll plan the next fishing trip together!

big fish

Nightlife in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo can be very active, very relaxing or very romantic...


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