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Sport Fishing
Mexico's Pacific Coast has long been famed for fabulous sport fishing, but the Mecca for angling adventures is, without a doubt, the picturesque Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

Come and catch the

Fitting the adage "a very well-kept secret", the dual-destination of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo has been praised by anglers "in the know" and for many decades has been considered as one of the best three places in the world for big game, and fishermen's success rates rival the highest compared to anywhere else.

Sport fishing


Soaring Sailfish weighing up to 175 pounds with average of 75 to 100 pounds are the primary game during most of the year. Also Black Marlin and Blue Marlin that range between 250 and 500 pounds, so be prepared for a good long, long fight.

In the range of other finned combatants are large schools of Yellow-Knife Tuna up to 300 pounds, Wahoo of more than 65 pounds,  the fierce Barracuda and Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) from 5 to 10 miles offshore.

This 1000 pounds Black Marlin was hooked
by a first-time deep sea fisherman

Black Marling

It took 9 hours of continuous fighting
and 7 men to lift it onto the boat
There's sure one of his relatives
out there... waiting for you !!!
Note: The fisherman that hooked it was a tourist who chose to loose his flight back home than to let go this beautiful and huge Marlin

Closer to shore, high-flying Roosterfish, hard-fighting Grouper or Snapper (Pargo), Spanish Mackerel, Bonito and many other species are always ready for a good battle.

Fishing boat

Resident skippers, descendants from generations of commercial fishermen, are experts in time-tested fishing methods as well as the newest techniques, technology and equipment, so anglers are lead right to the quarry. Their vast experience will also be a good help so your "fisherman's luck" will go even further.

Many decades ago famous writers Zane Grey (1872-1939) and Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) came to Zihuatanejo to catch the big sailfishes they had heard so much about. In 1925 Grey caught a sailfish that weighted 63 Kg. (139 Lbs) that was a world record at that time. His trips to Zihuatanejo were long before there was a paved roadway from Acapulco or even our first airport.

Zane Grey

Interesting facts: Sailfish can swim up to 110 KPH (70 MPH)... that is fast! and its considered the fastest fish in the world. Marlins only up to 80 KPH (50 MPH)... not bad either!

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Light tackle angling (small game) and fly fishing are also available, and for this type of fishing you can rent smaller boats.

Our skippers have conservation in mind and will suggest you to join them with the motto...


This is practiced for ecological purposes and specially for big game such as Marlin and Sailfish, unless their clients prefer to savor some of their catch or wants to make it a trophy to hang on the wall.


Trophy-fish embalming can be requested to the ship's captain. Prices vary according to type of fish, size and shipment's final destination. Captain will explain you all options available.

Again, we'll like you to have a great time catching one but if it's possible, please RELEASE IT!!! The boat's captain will tell you of those than can be set free with little harm done and that will survive to give another angler a great time.

If you don't want to spend money in fishing, you can go after the little to medium size from one of our beaches or piers. A die-hard fisherman will easily find the right spot to have a real fun time and a good catch. It is also ideal to entertain your kids.

In this case, it is recommended to bring your own equipment but remember that you will be fishing in salt water not in a lake so rod and reel must be strong or they will brake. The best bait is fresh shrimp. Flash your reel and rod with fresh water before storage.

At our resort, a "Fishing License" is not required to do it from beaches and piers.

Logo SPORT FISHING magazine rates Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo as the SECOND BEST and most popular place in the world for Sailfish in "The First Global Guide: Great Sailfish Destinations"
Logo AMERICAN THUNDER magazine rate us as the NUMBER ONE place for fishing in the "The Six Best Places in North America"

Fishing calendar, best months according to specie...

Fishing calendar chart

Average weights in our area: Sailfish 35-50 kgs (70-100 lbs), Black Marlin 100-230 kgs (220-500 lbs), Blue/Stripper Marlin 60-180 kgs (130-395 lbs), Yellowfin Tuna 15-65 kgs (30-140 lbs), Giant Tuna 45-135 kgs (100-300 lbs), Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) 9-25 kgs (20-60 lbs), Wahoo 10-30 kgs (25-60 lbs), Roosterfish 10-30 kgs (25-60 lbs), Grouper/Snapper 1-15 kgs (5-40 lbs), Spanish Mackerel 1-7 kgs (3-15 lbs).

Fishing trips from US$250.00 to US$600.00 depending on boat size and style, number of fishermen and type of game. Duration of the trip is approx. 7 hours. It includes fishing gear, bait, fishing license (for all fishermen onboard for the duration of the trip), soft drinks and beers. Depending on service contracted, the Captain will prepare you the famous Zihuatanejo's Tiritas from your own catch.

Fish Guide

"Tiritas" are made of thin fish strips marinated in lemon/lime juice with red onions and sliced green hot peppers; you should try them!... you can put the peppers aside.

Child fishing

Also available are 4 hours deep fishing trips from US$150.00 and for small game only (Bonito, Grouper, etc.) which is ideal for children as their first experience of fishing in open sea. If they like the sea, they will love it!
For your fishing trip we strongly suggest to take a hat, sunglasses, a high factor sun protection lotion and a couple of sandwiches... after a while you will get very hungry in open sea!

Take along

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If you want to view the tides table and solunar chart to help you plan your fishing trip in our area click here (Courtesy tides4fishing.com, new window will open)

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