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Take all necessary precautions with children, be alert

Our Beaches

We have more than 20 miles of beaches but only the well known and most patronized are listed here with specific information.

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For your safety, please patronize beaches with lifeguards on duty and stay within their watch areas. Abide by their recommendations and instructions for a fun and safe time. Service provided ONLY during vacation seasons and at pre-established areas and hours.

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Located in downtown Zihuatanejo and of approx. 400 meters (0.25 miles) long. Many restaurants alongside. Beside this beach is the main Pier from where you can take a boat to Playa Las Gatas beach or for a fun day of fishing and it is where the passengers from luxury cruises arrive for a tour of our cities. From here you will be able to admire the four beaches located within our bay. Officially it bears the name of "Playa del Puerto" (Beach of the Port) but everybody refers to it as "Principal" (Main beach) and that way its known.


It is the smallest beach within our bay, approx. 300 meters (0.18 miles) long and with very soft waves. Ideal for relax. Some restaurants and snack-bars on its shore. Its name "the wood beach" originates from colonial times when Spanish trading ships loaded oak, pine and mahogany at this point. Around 1920 this beach is used again to load the wood to ships when Zihuatanejo, for a short period of time, becomes an important exporter of fine woods.


The longest beach of Zihuatanejo’s bay and approx. 1 km (0.63 miles) long. Soft to medium waves most of the year. Medium to high waves during our rainy season. Water sports rentals. Many restaurants and snack-bars along its shore that open from breakfast to dinner. It is probably the most famous and popular beach of our destination. Its name "the clothes beach" according to a local legend, is because a commercial Spanish galleon returning from the Orient shipwrecked at the entrance of the bay and its cargo of fine silks and clothing washed ashore.

Clean beaches



Across the bay. A seclude beach with practically no waves due to the underwater reef constructed by our ancient civilization (see "Our History" section). Ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Many water sports available. Lots of restaurant on its shores. Recommended for a whole day outing. Best way to get there is by taking the shuttle boats from pier at Playa Principal beach. It got its name from the the docile and harmless nurse or cat sharks that lived at the bottom of this beach many, many years ago.


Where the main hotel’s strip is located in hotel's Zone I. Semi-open bay of about 2.5 kms. (1.6 miles) long. Most water sports available including parachute rides. This is Ixtapa's main beach, a broad stretch of pleasantly-soft sand and it's one of the places to watch spectacular sunsets. Its named "the palm trees beach"  because it was a huge coconut plantation there before Ixtapa was developed.

This beach has been certified as "Clean Beach" by IMNC (Mexico) and Blue Flag (International).
Some prohibitions are:
No glass items (bottles, etc.), no styrofoam, no camping, no cooking on beach, no pets, no trash (use containers), no vehicles allowed and no playing outside designated areas. Reminder signs at entrances. Obey ordnances or you may be fined.


One of the longest beach in our destination, more than 3 kms. (1.8 miles) long. Big waves because it is open sea.  Many informal seafood restaurants. Nothing but suntan, food and great long walks or jogging. Best way to get there is by taxi. It gets its name "the long beach" because of its extension.


Another of the longest beaches of our destination. Located south of Zihuatanejo and after Playa Larga beach. Here is located the renown "Barra de Potosi" (Potosi's river mouth) with many informal restaurants. In some of them you can pick the fish and they will prepare it to your liking. You can take a tour that includes an appetizing seafood lunch or go on your own. High waves in open sea, medium to soft on Barra by the river. You can also take a deep in the river that is almost like a huge lagoon when its mouth to the sea is closed during dry season. If you don't have a car (own or rented) you can get there by taxi or bus (ask for detailed information). Its named "the white beach" because of the prevailing color of its sands.

PLAYA LINDA  (Beautiful) - IXTAPA north

North of Ixtapa. More than 1 Km (0.65 miles) long. Here is the pier where you can embark for a visit to the island. Medium to high waves most of the year. Here is where surfing tournaments are held. At the entrance you will find an enclosed natural mangrove lagoon with alligators and has a lookout point so you can see them. Various water sports available. If you will like to visit the surrounding area, you can take a horseback riding tour from this point. The origin of its name is unknown but we assume that someone liked it very much and called "Linda" (Beautiful).


About 350 meters (0.21 miles) long. Ixtapa island is in front of this beach, so waves are soft most of the time. Ideal for swimming, kayaking and wind surfing. Entrance to the beach is on the side of the hotel located there. Its named "the calm beach" due to soft and mild waves.

Clean beaches



Soft to medium waves most of the time. Seafood restaurants and snack bars on its shore. Water sports rentals. Maybe the most popular beach at the island. The beach its named after the tree "Cuachalalate" that was very abundant in this part of the area. The bark of this tree whose scientific name is "amphiterygium adstringens" is widely used even today for medical purposes such as circulatory disorders, mouth problems, ulcers, infections, gastritis, etc. It's nicknamed as "the medicine's tree"


On this beach is located the pier where the visitors arrive in the shuttle boats from "Playa Linda Beach". Calm waters and fine sands. Many restaurants and snack-bar on its shore. Water sports available including rental of snorkeling equipment. Most tours purchased through a certified tour operator will arrive at this beach. The origin of its name is obvious, this is where the boats beached when the old fishermen made a stop at the island.


In the south part of the island within a small bay. Lots of coral reefs that make it very interesting for snorkeling and diving. Mostly quite without a lot of people on its shore. Another beach whose name is obvious for the large number of corals that are in the area. The island has also another beach called "Carey" also known as "Sacrificio" but it has no services such as restaurants, "palapas", etc. and very solitary most of the time.


Playa Majahua (Zihuatanejo)
Playa Manzanillo (Zihuatanejo - south)
Playa Cuatas (Ixtapa - north)
Playa Don Juan (Ixtapa - north)
Playa Don Rodrigo (Ixtapa - north)
Playa Riscalillo (Ixtapa - north)

Some of these beaches could be quite solitaries and consequently not recommended to go by yourself only.


To avoid painful sunburn try to make your first exposure no more than 15 to 20 minutes. It can be longer if you use a high protection suntan lotion, but be sure to re-apply it after a swim in the sea or pool. Be very careful with children and apply protective lotion quite often.

Public entrances to "El Palmar" beach in Ixtapa are located beside Barcelo Hotel, Posada Real Hotel and Beach Club. For beaches in Zihuatanejo's Bay there are many public entrance points.

Abide "Prohibido Acampar" (Camping Prohibited) ordnance and avoid being relocated and/or fined by the authorities.

There are not nudist beaches or designated nudist areas in our destination. If you do so, it will be at your own risk.


RV TRAILER PARK REAL DE LA PALMA. Calle 6, Playa La Ropa, Zihuatanejo. 554-9096

RV TRAILER PARK PALMA LINDA (FONATUR). Playa Linda, Ixtapa. 552-0295


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