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Shopping & Browsing

There is a large choices for shopping or just browsing in both Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. One thing you should be aware of, is that here most store owners do a "lunch break" followed by a "siesta time". Usually their business hours are from 9:00a.m. 'till 2:00p.m. and again from 4:00p.m. 'till 8:00p.m. from Mondays through Saturdays. During high season many shops extend their business hours and open on Sundays too. 


The State of Guerrero is home to several craft traditions of our country, including ceramics plates and whole dinner sets, carved hard-wood fish sculptures, colorful wood or clay ceremonial masks, paintings on tree-bark, handcrafted decorated boxes (in many sizes) and the world famous "hamacas" (hammocks) in single and double size, and you will find them at many local shops.

Downtown Zihuatanejo offers you a large variety of little to medium size clothing shops, boutiques, jewelry stores and souvenirs shops for you to enjoy and browse while walking around. Don't forget to take advantage of theirs special offer merchandise that are advertised with signs Oferta (on sale), Rebaja (price reduced) and Liquidacion (close-out)

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Ixtapa has a boulevard with Shopping Centers and stores alongside. There, you will find from famous name-brand national and international clothing, leather goods, silver, etc. to the typical Mexican merchandise such as hammocks, traditional clothing, crafts and much more.

Both parts of our destination have a large and colorful artisan markets (called Mercado Turistico de Artesanías) with more than 100 stands for the one in Zihuatanejo and more than 50 stands for the one in Ixtapa. These markets have a large variety of articles and it is very worthwhile to visit them for souvenir and gift shopping. The one in Zihuatanejo is located in Ave. Cinco de Mayo, in front of church and near main pier, and the one in Ixtapa it's located at the Boulevard.

Prices tend to be a little lower in the market in Zihuatanejo than in Ixtapa.

Tourist Markets

The artisans markets were created in the year 1990 by the City Government because a State Law was passed that prohibited all kind of "walking salespersons" on the streets and beaches of any Guerrero's tourist destination, but a few of this salespersons are still around even today despite the strict enforcement of the law by our authorities. 

If you want to help in eradicating this bothersome way of selling, please do not encourage them by buying their products or services.


In both artisans markets you will find great souvenirs and decoration articles at  very reasonable prices. Bargaining is the fun part of every transaction, so don't be afraid to do so, but take into consideration that what they might say it's sterling silver it could be "alpaca" which is silver with a high content of nickel, not real silver as we know it.

Alpaca (pewter) pieces look very nice and they are very reasonable priced making them a good choice as souvenir for your friends back home.

The articles offered in these markets are mostly hand-made by local artisans or from around our area so every piece has a unique touch.

Don't miss the chance to visit one of them, it is a lot of fun and very colorful. Enjoy the real Mexican flavor and have a good time while shopping or browsing.



Another old craftsmanship and very famous tradition of our State are the huaraches (handmade leather sandals) and if you like to wear them, check the shoe stores, there you'll find the one just right for your taste.

Most boutiques, stores and jewelry shops in both of our towns have fixed prices where bargaining is not very welcome unless you are buying a large quantity of products or a very expensive one, in which case you can ask for a discount. Some shops that honor credit cards might offer you a discount if you pay for your purchase in cash, ask the salesperson.

The boutiques offer large selections of T-Shirts with decorations referring to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and local attractions.

These T-Shirts could be great as presents to take back home to your relatives and friends. They are priced from very cheap to expensive,  specially for those hand-painted on a fine cloth.


In our towns you will find jewelry stores and "Platerias" (where they sell silver jewelry only). They sell many beautiful hand-made pieces at fair prices. Most of the sterling silver they work with .925 and .950, comes from the mines in Taxco, a colonial city within our State. Some of these shops have an in-house designer, so if you want something special, just ask.

A bit of advice... not all that shine is gold or silver, the selling price should tell you so. Nobody can sell something for less than its real value. So, if you decide to buy a nice gold or silver piece, it's recommended that you do it from a reputable shop that will guarantee your purchase Don't take risks... your are on vacation to enjoy!

Gold & Silver

In Petatlan, a nearby town, just 25 min. away by car, you'll find a gold-market located in front of their famous church. Here, artisans sell nice gold pieces made of 12K, 14K and 18K and 24K only on request at prices slightly below the market. Usually you'll save 10% to 15% on the cost of workmanship because you are dealing directly with the manufacturer and not with a reseller or middle-man.

It is a good idea to go in a tour offered by a tour operator agency and ask the advice of the official guide for the shops having the best reputation and service.

If you will like to buy Gold Coins minted by the Mexican Government, check at local banks. Centenario $50 gold coin approx. US$1900.00; Azteca $20 gold coin approx. US$880.00; Hidalgo $10 gold coin approx. US$350.00; 1/2 Hidalgo $5  gold coin approx. US$180.00; 1/4 Hidalgo $2.5 gold coin approx. US$95.00 and 1/5 Hidalgo $2 gold coin approx. US$78.00. Silver Troy Ounce coin approx. US$30.00; Liberty Ounce coin approx. US$35.00

Gold & Silver coins

Coins not shown in actual size. Prices fluctuate up and down according to the value of metals (gold or silver) so they may change daily. Check at bank for the day selling price. Banks may not have a stock of all coins and it will require from 2 to 3 working days to get them. Some coins may not be available at the moment.

All prices listed in businesses should have 16% I.V.A. (Value Added Tax) included as stated in our laws. If you so desire, you may ask for an "Invoice" of the purchase not just a sales ticket. To be an invoice it has to have the word "FACTURA" printed on it and also the requirements set by the SAT (Tributary Administration Services). If you're not sure that they gave a legal invoice, seek advise.

We hope you will have a great time
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