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All prices are approximate and for reference purposes only

Local Transportation

In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo most of your daily activities can be done by just walking. Everything is close by or within an enjoyable and relaxing 5 to 15 minutes walk.

For further distances, local Buses (microbus) are your most economical option but Taxis have reasonable fares and are plentiful and reliable, so they could be your preferred choice.


Taxi fares within Zihuatanejo US$2.00 to US$3.50, within Ixtapa US$3.00 to US$6.00, between Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo US$5.00 (El Palmar area to Downtown). Other places from US$5.00 and up.
Fares are fixed and taxis have no meters (taximeter). All taxi fares have a surcharge of 50% at night, from midnight to 6:00a.m.

City-cab fares are per taxi, not per person and maximum capacity is four passengers per cab. Most cabs are compact cars such as Nissan Tsuru, Sentra, etc.


You may hire a local taxi (city cab) to take you back to the Airport and the fare is about US$11.00 per cab.

For Airport to Hotel transfers click "Transportation to Town" in menu and look under "Ground Transportation Airport-Hotel.

Taxi companies (cooperatives)...

APAAZ (Radio Taxi) 554-3680 & 554-6860
UTAAZ (Radio Taxi) 554-3311 & 554-4583
UTZI (Radio Taxi) 554-4763

If you take a cab, it's a good idea to write down the company's name and cab number (four digits) in case you forget any belongings. All our taxis are painted in white.

You will find taxis parked at the entrance of all large hotels. The small hotels will call one for you without extra charge for the pick-up. Most cabs have air conditioner but they may apply a surcharge of 40% on the fare if you request the driver to turn it on, so it's wise to ask before.

Be advised that some drivers may recommend other business than the one your are planning to go. The driver may be doing it because he gets paid a commission, not necessarily because you will get a better deal. Please use your own judgment. Also, report to authorities any abuse on fixed rates or discourtesy by the driver. Give cab number and time of service. Cab number of four digits are printed on the hood, trunk and doors.

Taxi fares chart

Remember that taxis have no meters (taximeter), so it's wise to double check the rate to the place you want to go before you board it.

Buses and Microbuses in most cases cost from US$0.50 to US$1.00 per person and services are usually from 6:00a.m. 'till 11:30p.m. There is bus service between Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and to other nearby places.


It's by far the cheapest way to move around and normally the services "to-from" run every 15 minutes but it will depend on the route. Some route schedules are more frequent than others.

Try to paid with coins or small bills, they usually don't have change for large bills.

In Ixtapa the bus stops for Zihuatanejo are located all along the Boulevard, almost in front of every hotel's entrance on the strip. From Zihuatanejo to Ixtapa, they are along Ave. Morelos. Look for bus signs that say IXTAPA and IXTAPA BULEVAR or you might go on to the wrong direction. Most of the time drivers are friendly and they will try to help you with their very limited English.

Bus transportation is heavily used by locals but also by many tourists who like to socialize with native folks, other tourists or save money in transportation.

We also have Peseras (Van-Bus) that move people to suburban neighborhoods and country towns and fares vary according to the routes and distances.

Routes are identified by the color of the strip surrounding the van (red, yellow, green, blue, etc.)



To sightsee or just to move around on your own, you can rent Golf-Carts for up to 5 persons at approx. US$15.00 per hour, Scoot-Cars at US$20.00 per hour, motor Scooters at US$10.00 per hour and Bicycles at US$6.00 per hour. Some of these rental shops also offer extended rentals for 6, 12 and 24 hours with a considerable discount in relation to the per hour charge.

If you plan to use above transportation between Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, please do it carefully and do not allow minors to do the driving.

Ixtapa has a Cycle-Path exclusive for bicycles and joggers that goes from near the hotel area to the north in both sides of the boulevard. This path also connects up to the entrance to Zihuatanejo alongside the boulevard.

In our resort we have Rent-A-Car agencies and their offices are mostly located at the Airport but a few also have offices in Ixtapa or in Zihuatanejo. They have many types of cars and rental prices, from beach-jeeps to sedans or vans with automatic transmission and air conditioner. To see Rent-A-Car agencies in our resort, check "Community" in menu.

Take into consideration than car rental in Mexico could be more expensive than in U.S.A., Canada and other countries and may be cheaper if you pre-rent it from abroad or through internet. Don't forget to bring your driver's license.

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