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Sailboats & Yachts
Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo... Longitude: 101.33 West, Latitude: 17.38 North.


By law you are required to notify the Capitania de Puertos (Harbor Authority and Police) your arrival to our destination. You can reach them on Channel 16 VHF-Marine Band. Their phone number is 52+755+554-2190 if you want to call in advance.

If you are coming from another country and ours is your first port-of-call in Mexico, it is necessary for the crew to disembark with required documentation and go to the Immigration Offices for clearance. If you need orientation or assistance, the Capitania de Puertos will be glad to help you.



We have Marina Ixtapa, a private complex with full services and space for large and small yachts and sailboats. For space availability and service information, call 52+755+553-2180. Their base frequency is on Channel 16 VHF-Marine Band and alternate channels 14 and 18. They offer bilingual assistance.



During high season, Zihuatanejo usually gets a large share of sailboats and yachts that requires anchoring within the bay. Anchoring fee is cheaper than in a marina.

Because our bay is relative small, only 1.8 miles wide, seek advise and follow instructions from the harbor authority on what position you will be authorized to anchor.

Be aware that we are visited by luxury cruisers and the captains need ample space to maneuver their very large ships.

Months with most cruiser affluence are from November to April.


The Capitania de Puertos makes periodic round inspections to check for possible waste dumping by the anchored boats within Zihuatanejo's bay area.  It's illegal to do so!!! Help us keep our bay free of pollutants.

 No dumping waste

If you require to dump waste such as bathroom system or other, do so in open sea, far enough so the prevailing currents won't bring it into the bay. Avoid throwing non-biodegradable trash into sea and DO NOT throw any type of trash within our bay.

Our laws state a minimum distance of 3 nautical miles off-shore for disposals. Failure to do so may earn you a stiff fine!

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